What is Web Development and Web Designing? What is their Scope?

What is Web Development and Web Designing? What is their Scope?


Web development includes designing creating our handling a website. Introductions to aspects such as web design web publishing programming and database management. Apparently it seems like a confusing and complicated field. Web development can be divided into three parts client side (coding) server side (coding) and database technology. Client-side includes scripting and frontend development.it has all the things that a customer see when he visit a website. The Server-side includes the back and technology. It is all about what’s going on behind the scenes. database includes all the information and content that is necessary for running a website. The terms web developer and web designer are often used together but they do not mean the same thing. A web designer usually designs an interface for the website but a web developer builds a website by using languages such as PHP and ASP. Additionally, a web developer also maintains and updates the database on websites.

A web designer first visually designs a concept and then move it to the software. Web designing is about designing, not about complex coding and programming. It is used to solve website problems and to improve user experience. When we talk about designing, we discuss five design elements. Layout, Color, Graphics, Fonts, and Content. If you find yourself fit in the designing field then go for it. According to Daily Mail report, almost 71 new domains ad 573 new websites registered after every minute. The demand for web designers exists. There is very high competition out there in the web designing and web development field. Follow new trends and do a lot practice on it. Build a website that is much more important than having a resume.

There are billions of internet users in this world. Due to the massive increase in social media users every company want to shift their business online or make a website to base their data on it.They want to expand their business online but they don’t know how to do therefore they come to web developers. Companies need people who can help them in expanding their business and making a website for them. Therefore huge demand for web development training courses there is many institutes that provide training in web development.

If you want to persue your career as developer you can have following options:

  • UX Designer
  • UX Researcher
  • Website content manager
  • Applications developer
  • Web developer

The skills you will need to progress in these both fields:

  • database design
  • digital marketing
  • graphics and design
  • multimedia production
  • programming
  • scripting/coding
  • software development
  • user experience design

According to some researchers they found a calculations that after graduation 73% students get employment in these fields.