How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website?

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website?


The good speed of the website leads to better user experience. It has a strong impact on SEO and conversion rate. If anyone wants to draw more traffic on their sites they need to improve the speed of pages so it will help them in keeping the site visitors engaged. There are many steps that web developers do to speed up the website. WordPress is a great platform to make a website or take initiative to your business but there is one flaw is that it is quite is very important to speed up the website when a customer lands on your website you have only a few seconds to grab his attention on how to convince him to hang around. According to a research report of Microsoft research team, 2-second delay in search response lose customer satisfaction by 3.8%, increases lost revenue per user 4.3% and reduce clicks by 4.3 %. if your website takes too long to load most people leave the site. Not only have that but Google also included the website speed in its ranking algorithm.

Track the website performance

Testing a website regularly helps developers to identify the problem. It also helps developers to identify which parts of the website need more improvement. Which part of the episode needs more improvement? There are many website testing tools and most of them are free to use. Google also provides the page speed tool to track the performance of the website. page speed tool analyses the website and makes suggestions to improve the speed of that website.

Prefer a good host

If you are working on improving the speed of website don’t rely on shared hosting. It will incredible is slow down your site. So always choose a good hosting for your website.

Use an effective plugin

WordPress plugins are very helpful to use but here are some plugins that fall in the category of speeding up your website pages. They improve the website pages and best of all is that it is free to use and easy.

Optimize images.

That is an amazing image optimizer that drastically reduces the file size and it is incredible e file consuming. Fortunately, there is a plugin called WP to smush it. It will reduce all the images sizes before uploading them.

Content delivery network CDN won’t let you down

Content delivery network CDN is also and better option for website provides a cloud hosting and the main feature of WordPress CDN is that it speed up website no matter which kind of website you run.

There are some more things you can do to speed up your website pages.

  • Reduce the file sizes
  • Reduce the number of posts on the front page
  • Remove inactive plugins
  • Keep in mind that readers are here to read the content not to see so many widgets.

It is not necessary to try out all these solutions simultaneously, it depends on your requirements and you can try only a few of them to speed up your website. Affect welfare needs to learn all kinds of solutions. And he should know which solution will do the best work on requirements.