Google Mobile Search Snippets Showing Keywords Mentioned

Google Mobile Search Snippets Showing Keywords Mentioned

Do you want to know how to bring more and more traffic to your websites? Well, a higher ranking is an obvious way to increase traffic. However, another way is also available in this regard but is usually neglected.

Do you know making your mobile search results more clickable in Google search ultimately increase your traffic? If yes, do you know how?

Here, we are going to present detailed information all about Google mobile search snippets with mentioned keywords.

Why Google?

Google is still the most efficient source of increasing traffic to your site.

According to the survey, Google search performs about 3.5 billion searches daily. Have a look at the live Internet statistics. Google is dominating the global search industry, with 90 percent of the market share. See the stat count here.

Why Google Mobile Search?

As seen, by 2016, the trend is changing towards using the internet through mobile phones. People are more likely to search from their mobile phones.

More than half of the search queries worldwide were being carried out from mobile devices. Have a look at SEL.

What Are Search Snippets?

A summary of the website content in the Google search result is called Search Snippet. The snippet is a brief quotable passage.


Google Mobile SEO

SEO is the largest traffic driver. Above all other channels, SEO is considered to be a significantly outpacing traffic driver.

Google SEO is quite different, but still, it generates more traffic and accounts for more signals.

Google Mobile Search Snippet Anatomy

The anatomy of standard Google mobile search snippets results consists of the following:

  • A page title or headline.
  • Breadcrumb URL trial.
    • Eye-catching image.
    • Date as mentioned on the originating page.
    • An adequate description.
    • Site logo.

    How Can You Increase The Execution Of These Elements?

    Not only this anatomy knowledge is enough. You must be aware of all the tips and tricks to improve the execution of these elements.

    Let’s now look at all those ways that will help generate more traffic towards your site.

    1. Introduce Clickable Titles

    Since half of the world uses mobile for searching queries, everyone needs more time-saving technology or advancement.

    In this situation, adding a clickable title helps you a lot in getting your public willingness for your site.

    As seen, the page title that Google uses for the search snippets as clickable elements. By clicking, the user is directed to the original web page where reside the entire original content.

    This title is always the most dominating text element of the mobile search snippet. Due to this, the user subconsciously taps that text.

    The question here arises that how to make a good enough title?

    The answer to this is simple, and you can use the following tactics that will help you make an eye-catching title.

    Phrase it in a questioning format.

    It will grab the searcher’s attention and curiosity to know the answer. To find the answer, the user will click the link.

    Use numbers in your headline.

    It is the most overused but most successful formula till now.use number headlines that start like 5 biggest, top 10, etc., it will bring you more clicks and shares.

    Add a primary keyword in your headline

    Adding a word that is or searcher’s intention will be beneficial for you. You can enhance the quality of your headline by adding a primary keyword. Carefully select your keyword.

    Power words

    Some words like to learn more, get it for free, etc., are certainly powerful. Searchers will go to check for it by clicking it.

    Not only these, but you can discover the power words for your niche. Look for your competent product on some websites. Create a google doc; copy and paste. Use word cloud generator in your google doc.

    1. Clear And Optimized Images

    Google uses to show image thumbnail inside many of its results. It makes their presence prominent. Google mobile searches are visually more optimized than desktop searches.

    Getting an optimized image is very important for you. Here are some main points that you must follow in this regard.

    Select a unique image

    In addition to stock photography, try to use an image that will attract the researcher at a glance. Use a clear and contextual picture. It will add value to your content.

    Google’s guideline for the thumbnail image

    Don’t forget to follow google’s guidelines. It specifies the thumbnail image on each page.

    Develop consistency and recognizability

    To develop consistency and recognizability, you can reuse those images on your site that had already appeared in any organic search.

    1. Meta Description

    Using text optimizers will help you in creating search-optimized phrases or sentences. You will be able to build sentences with some related terms and synonyms by using text optimizers for your meta description.

    You can also use the inLinks tool. It will analyze your website and gives you the surety of semantically relevant content of your meta description.

    1. Fresh Content

    Searches always seek something new. They are not interested in reading or looking at the same old things. You need to serve fresh content.

    But in some cases, people want to read outdated content. What you have to do is to maintain two options. Keep a content updated option and, on the other hand, keep an option for forgo dating content.

    For regular updates, use the wordpress plugin, editorial calendar platforms.

    You can also use the wordpress feature to remove the dates from your content after a specific time period.

    1. Breadcrumbs

    A perfect breadcrumb in mobile search shows the path to the destination page. You can use the breadcrumb schema to create a meaningful path for your results. It may gradually increase the clicks.

    Implementing markup is easier with the WordPress plugin. It will name every step of your URL path. Google Search Console can keep track of the schema markup and checks whether Google can crawl and use it or not.


    Let’s have a look at the highlights of this article.

    Because of the increasing importance of Google’s mobile search, we need optimization. It can be done by starting with a clickable catchy title. Continue with Googlee SERPs for interesting thumbnail image. Go on with a fabulous meta description by using semantic analysis tools. Don’t forget to keep your content updated. Make use of the WordPress plugin.

    Use breadcrumb schema to create a good link inside your search snippet. Last but not least, don’t ignore the site logo and Google AMP icon for increasing your clicks.