This course teaches PHP Data Objects (PDO), one of the available API for connecting to databases within PHP. PDO is an object-oriented extension which was introduced with PHP 5.1, taking advantage of several features introduced into PHP at that time.

In this step by step course, both beginners and experienced web developers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the modern PDO extension and how it can be used to create a scalable database driven application.

This PHP with PDO course uses MySQL database to teach PDO concept and finally, you learn how to build a basic task list using the concepts that have been taught in the course.

  • Introduction to Mysqli and PDO
  • Getting started with Mysqli
  • Fetching results
  • Security
  • Finishing up
  • Bonus material
  • Creating database, table and data by PDO
  • Catching errors
  • Binding values
  • Exersice files
  • Manually escaping data

  • basic knowledge of html css and php

Ayaz Ahmed Mast

Ayzeetech is a professional Web Developer, Web Programmer and teacher as well. Programming skills in PHP Codeigniter Framework, ASP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3 MYSQL, PHP CMS such as WordPress and Joomla.