Grid Based Layout Development

Grid Based Layout Development

Tn this course, You will learn from the basics of the CSS grid system and then to some lightweight topics which will keep you refreshed and confident in coding.

After that, I will give you 2 and 3 layout task so you can practice and try your hands on sample layout. I will not give you layout with content like images and text in it. But, We will create a basic layout that can help you later when building a layout with images and text-based content. And you will learn a total of 3 different methods to build this sample layout.

  • Introduction to Grid Based Development
  • Creating Rows in Grid
  • Basic to advanced layout Creation
  • The Fr Unit in Grid
  • Grid template property
  • Nesting Grid

  • Basic HTML & CSS
  • Any Text editor & OS
  • Any Browser (Firefox recommended)

Ayaz Ahmed Mast

Ayzeetech is a professional Web Developer, Web Programmer and teacher as well. Programming skills in PHP Codeigniter Framework, ASP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3 MYSQL, PHP CMS such as WordPress and Joomla.