Become a WordPress Developer

Become a WordPress Developer

WordPress is the leading Content Management System on the market, powering a large percentage of the Web. The need for WordPress Developers who can build and customize themes and plugins is ever-growing.

If you want to learn everything from customizing existing themes, building custom themes or starting to build plugins, this course is for you. You will learn in-depth how WordPress works under the hood, from template files and tags to hooks and internal APIs. If you are looking to build bigger and more custom projects with WordPress or just get a good job with a great company building WordPress projects, then this course is for you. Make sure though you can already build and style a basic web page with HTML and CSS as we assume you already know this and focus more on learning PHP.

When you learn the skills this course contains you will feel incredibly empowered to build almost anything you can imagine with WordPress Development. You should also feel confident working professionally in the field as a WordPress Developer. You will have built a Custom theme and plugin Development along with the course as well as a theme and plugin of your own. Follow in the path of thousands of other students who learned WordPress Development Course and went on to do great work in the field.

  • Introduction to Wordpress
  • Theme Development
  • Theme Customization
  • Easy setup
  • Navigation Menu
  • Pluggins
  • Pushing from local to staging
  • sidebars
  • styling
  • W-P content folder
  • Loops
  • Functions

  • Basic WordPress knowledge (how to create a blog post, etc...)
  • A basic understanding of HTML (e.g. "p" is for paragraph, "h1" is for headline, etc...)
  • No CSS knowledge required (although it helps to understand that CSS is used to add style & design to a page)
  • No JavaScript knowledge required (although it helps to understand that JS is used to add interactivity to a page)

Ayaz Ahmed Mast

Ayzeetech is a professional Web Developer, Web Programmer and teacher as well. Programming skills in PHP Codeigniter Framework, ASP, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3 MYSQL, PHP CMS such as WordPress and Joomla.